Acne Wrinkles 

This Face Mask Magically Removes Stains, Acne Scars and Wrinkles after a Few Uses!

Today we’re going to present an amazing face mask that will remove acne, wrinkles and acne scars from your face. It’s completely natural and simple to prepare and use and has no adverse side-effects. It will help repair your facial skin and bring back its glow, while also keeping it smooth and soft. The only negative side it has is the tingling feeling you’ll get when you use it, but it should pass in about 5 minutes.

Pimples and acne are the two most common skin problems people experience. They are quite difficult to get rid of as they may be caused by serious problems with the organs. Even if you do remove them, you will be left with scars on your face as well as uneven complexion which can ruin your looks. Another big problem for millions of women around the world are wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Although associated with aging, both problems can appear as a result of other factors. They are pretty difficult to get rid of as well, but the mask we have for you today can work wonders for your skin.

The best natural mask against acne, pimples, wrinkles and scars

There are many natural masks out there that can promise great results against acne and wrinkles, but the reality is that most of them don’t really work. However, the mask we have for you today is quite effective and costs next to nothing. It will bring back the flow of your skin, soften it and keep it smooth and clear. Here’s how to prepare it:

  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • ½ teaspoon nutmeg powder

It’s pretty simple – you just need to mix everything until you get a smooth paste. When you’re ready to use it, clean your face well, pat it dry with a towel, then start applying the mask on the affected areas. Leave it to work for 10 minutes max – as we said, the tingling should go away in 5. In the end, wash your face with lukewarm water then apply a hydrating cream.

Although pretty safe for everyone to use, the lemon juice in the mask may cause problems for people with sensitive skin. In this case, you should omit this ingredient or dilute it with lemon juice. The mask shouldn’t be used for exfoliation and should be avoided if you’re dealing with rosacea and similar skin problems. The honey can be replaced with clay (white or green), but we suggest sticking to it.

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