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7 Signs Your Arteries Are Blocked And How To Treat Them

  Blood clots and clogged arteries are a serious health problem which can lead to a stroke or heart attack, and they’re most often caused by poor blood flow. When the blood flow is obstructed, you may experience different cardiovascular problems ranging from low blood pressure to heart disease and diabetes. Obesity can cause poor blood flow as well, as can an inactive lifestyle, smoking and a poor diet. Whatever the reason, the problem is serious and should be resolved sooner rather than later. Our organs depend on proper blood…

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The Most Beneficial Fruit for Strokes, Heart Attacks, Cholesterol and Hypertension

Did you know that there is a special fruit which offers an abundance of health benefits for your whole body? It’s dates! This amazingly sweet fruit can help you against hypertension, heart problems, strokes, cholesterol etc. They are full of various nutrients that will improve your whole metabolism. Here, we’re offering you 8 health benefits that will help you add this amazing fruit into your diet every day! 8 Health Benefits of Dates Rich in Iron We need iron so that we can stimulate the production of red blood cells…

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