Morgan Freeman Is Fighting to Save Bees from Extinction

Did you know that Morgan Freeman, the legendary Hollywood actor, is actually a big lover of bees? Not beers – bees. Freeman is aware of the recent massive colonies of bees disappearing from the face of Earth and has decided to do something about it rather than wait with his hands crossed. The actor has turned his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a wild bee sanctuary that might help save bees. Freeman talked about his beekeeping hobby to Jimmy Fallon back in 2014, saying that he’s trying to bring back…

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Age Spots 

Rub These Natural Remedies On Your Hands To Remove Dark Spots Fast

Dark spots on the skin are a common skin condition caused by aging and excessive sun exposure. They usually appear on the face, forearms and hands and are quite difficult to remove. Many people pay thousands of dollars for bleaching treatments that are supposed to fade away the spots, but none of these treatments are 100% effective, and they can damage your skin as well. Luckily for you, we have a variety of natural remedies that will fade away your dark spots better than anything else. Baking soda and castor…

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