Here’s How Fenugreek Seeds Can Help Improve Your Hair Health

Fenugreek seeds come from the Fabaceae family of plants. They have leaves with 3 obovate or oblong leaflets and are cultivated all around the world. The leaves and seeds are commonly used in Asian dishes and meals, but they’ve also been used as a remedy for hair loss as well. We all lose up to 100 hairs per day – it’s considered normal. However, losing more than that can become a problem and lead to balding. There are many commercial products that can fight hair loss, but they are full…

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Hair Loss 

4 Surprising Ingredients to Mix With Your Shampoo For Healthier Hair

Everyone wants to have healthy and shiny hair, and there are many products which are aimed at it. Women pay a great amount of money in order to make their hair look better and make it healthier as well, but most of these products and treatments are harmful and offer no results at all. However, nature holds many remedies that can certainly improve the health and look of your hair – you just need to add them to your shampoo and it’ll look better than ever! Sugar, lemon, honey and…

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