Natural Remedies For The Common Cold

We all hate one thing about winter – the chill in the air that is certain to bring this year’s cold and flu outbreak. You just know that you’ll get it at some point and probably know how it goes. Your nose will get stuffed, your throat sore and you’ll lose your taste for a few days as well. The runny (and red) nose, coughing and headaches are other symptoms you may experience during the winter’s flu outbreak and once you get it, you know that it’ll be a while…

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Ginger, Honey And Cinnamon Mixture To Reverse Inflammation, Colds, Flu and Cramps

When it comes to natural remedies, herbal teas are the most commonly used ones for all sorts of diseases and health conditions. Many people would prefer to drink a cup of green or chamomile tea than visit their doctor for the common cold or the flu but the truth is that when you’re sick it’s better to drink teas that are caffeine free, while in other cases green tea is an excellent option. That’s why in today’s article we’ve decided to show you how to make the healthies tea from…

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How To Use Lemon as a Medicine

Lemon contains plenty of vitamin C, calcium oxalate and pectin. It also contains essential oils with a bitter taste and a pleasant smell. Some of them are sugar, limonene, potassium, citral, malic acid, phosphorus and lemon. You can obtain the best results if the leaves and the fruit are both ripe. Preparation and Use: Lemon juice has is abundant in healing properties. Here are some of its best benefits: Scurvy Reduces blood sugar Cures colds Prevents inflammations Reduces harmful bacteria and acids Chest diseases Improves heart function Cleanses the glands…

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Home Remedies for Hoarseness

Imagine you have an important meeting in front of a large audience or you just have to go on a date that you can’t miss and you have a hoarse voice? That can be a real problem. Luckily, in this article, we’re going to present you some of the best home remedies that can help you eliminate hoarseness quickly and effectively! The most common cause for the appearance of hoarseness is using your vocal cords too much. You may have cheered too much for your basketball team or you sang…

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Elderberry Extract – Nature’s Answer To The Flu!

In this article, we’re going to discuss about the elderberry. It is also called Sambucus and belongs to the Adoxaceae family. It is abundant in numerous minerals and vitamins and people have used it mostly in the folk medicine to treat various colds, the flu, rheumatism, injuries, constipation etc. Recent researches claim that the extract from elderberry is considered to be the strongest natural remedy against flu. Sambucol (Sambucus nigra L.) is abundant in antiviral properties and according to research data, it can remove over 10 influenza strains. Only 3-4…

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Cold Sore Throat 

Honey Ginger Lemonade Drink to Treat Colds and Soothe a Sore Throat

We all know how refreshing a lemonade is in the summer, but adding a few ingredients in can make it all the more energizing, while also improving your overall health. Add some honey and ginger in, for example, and you’ll get a nice beverage that will soothe a sore throat, boost your immune system and prevent other ailments as well. All these ingredients have been used in the ancient Ayurveda medicine for centuries and have a variety of health benefits. Besides this, honey and ginger will give your lemonade a…

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Carrot Syrup To Eliminate Flu, Phlegm, Cough, Throat Discomfort and Colds

In this article, we’re going to discuss about a syrup made with carrots as the main ingredient. This amazing vegetable is present in every home and people mostly use it in the kitchen. But, did you know that it’s abundant in amazing nutritional qualities? This vegetable is amazing for our vision, our skin, but also against numerous respiratory infections like the flu, common colds, coughs etc. It is abundant in vitamins from the B complex groups and vitamin C. They are all very important for a strong immune system. Carrot…

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