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Mango – An Excellent Remedy Against Weight Gain, High Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure!

Many people love the delicious mangoes. Some people refer them as ‘The king of fruits’ and possess various health benefits. They taste delicious and contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are necessary to everyone.

Mangoes have been used for many years because they can help against intestinal problems. They are similar to the papaya. Many products on the market contain mangoes: jams, pickles, jellies, squash, marinades and spices.

This amazing fruit is full of fiber. Only 1 mango a day is sufficient to help you against symptoms of constipation, piles and colon with spasms. Mangoes also contain a lot of potassium.

Mangoes And Their Nutritional Value

This delicious fruit comes from the family of pistachios, mombin, gandaria and cashews. It first appeared in Burma, eastern India and  southern 4,000 years ago. It has been mentioned by the mythology when Lord Buddha meditated on a mango plantation. Nowadays, it’s used in numerous parts throughout the world.

This is the national fruit of India and people from this country think that mangoes are a symbol of life. They even use it in many sacred rituals. Its leaves are used in festivals and weddings.

Health Benefits

Mangoes are low in sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol, but they also contain vitamin A and C, dietary fiber and vitamin B6. They are full in high amounts of copper, magnesium and potassium, but also quercetin, astragalin and beta-carotene. They are all very powerful antioxidants that can help you against the free radicals. Many serious diseases appear because of free radicals: degenerative diseases, heart problems, premature aging and cancer.

The mangoes which come from China are sweet and sour in taste. They offer a cooling sensation. Chinese prepare a tonic which is called yin tonic and they use it against: nausea, cough, anemia, bleeding gums, weak digestion, constipation, sea sickness and fever.

Control The Blood Pressure

The vitamins that mangoes are full of are amazing for our health. They are especially good for people who have increased blood pressure since they are full of potassium. The amount of vitamin E they contain can help you improve the libido since they also improve the activity of your sex hormones.

Improve The Heart Health

Mangoes are abundant in pectin. This is a soluble dietary fiber which decrease the levels of blood cholesterol. There are also some studies which claim that the fruit can assist in the fight against prostate cancer.

Weight Gain

Mangoes can help you gain weight. There are 86 calories in 150 grams of mango. They also contain starch that transforms into sugar. The best way to gain weight is by mango milkshakes!

Aids Digestion

Mangoes can help you against indigestion and excess of acidity. They are the best natural way that can help you obtain an effective digestion.

Are Excellent In Anemia And Pregnancy

Anemic people will find mangoes very beneficial. They can increase the red blood cells. They are also amazing for pregnant women. Just consume them regularly.

Cure Acne

Mangoes are excellent for good skin health. They lighten our skin and make our face glow. Your clogged pores will be opened if you just apply some mangoes on your skin and keep them on for 10 minutes. All the acne will disappear. Don’t forget to remove their pulp!

Slow Aging

Mangoes contain plenty of vitamin C and A. They are excellent as they stimulate the creation of collagen proteins. We need collagen  because it protects our blood vessels and connective tissues. That slows down the process of aging. Mangoes are anti-aging! You can also use dietary supplements which contain mango.

Promote Brain Health

The delicious fruit is abundant in vitamin B6 and we need it in order to have a healthy brain. They improve the process of amalgamation of our major neurotransmitters that are responsible for our sleeping patterns and our mood. If you consume mangoes regularly, your nerves will function well and your brain will be healthy. They also contain glutamine acid that is beneficial for our concentration.

Boost Body Immunity

Mangoes contain beta-carotene that is good for our immune system. All of the viruses and bacteria will be eliminated easily. In case of too much beta-carotene, it transforms into vitamin A which we need to protect our body from the dangerous free radicals.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

There are studies which prove that mangoes are great against diabetes. Add 10 or 15 mango leaves into some warm water. Leave the mixture to rest covered overnight. Take it on an empty stomach in the morning, but without the leaves. Soon, you’ll notice improvement.

Are There Mango Allergies?

Unfortunately, mangoes belong to the family of Anacardiaceae that connects them to poison ivy which means they can cause allergies because of the urushinol they contain. It’s a toxic resin which causes dermatitis. The most responsible for the allergy are the peels and the mango juice, but not the flesh.

How to Buy and Store Mangoes?

This fruit appears in different varieties. You need to discover the one with a sweet aroma because it means that it’s ripe. Mangoes can be red, yellow or green. You can also obtain mango powder.

If you’ve bought a ripe mango, try to press it gently. There should be a depression on the surface which will mean they are ripe. Another option is to buy an unripe mango and keep it in a paper bag in a warm place. It will only take 2 days to become ripe. If you keep them at room temperature, the process of ripening will take 1 week.

Fresh mangoes can be recognized by their size. They should weigh from 9 ounces to 4 pounds and be about 4 inches long. They can be found throughout the whole year, but their peak is from May to September.

Ripe mangoes can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks. Use them dried, puréed, frozen or cooked in syrup. You can buy them in markets canned, fresh or dried. If you buy them dried, make sure you use warm water to rehydrated them for 4 hours before you decide to use them.

You can also freeze uncooked mangoes. Put a small amount of sugar on top of the sliced fruit. Stir this lightly with a wooden spoon. The sugar should melt in the mango juice. Cover all the pieces. Then, seal them well. Keep the mixture in the fridge.

Something About Mangoes In The End

The plant of mango needs a really warm climate. The flowers and fruits aren’t able to survive in temperatures below 40° F.

The trees usually grow to 65 feet. There are mango trees which live up to 300 years and bear fruits. Their leaves are pale green. When they grow, they become darker. Young leaves are usually red.

The shape of the fruit is oval and it grows from 2 to 9 inches long. The flesh is similar to the one of a peach. The fruit needs to ripe for 100 or 150 days. There is an oval seed inside the fruit.

Mangoes need dense shade and good drainage. The soil also needs to be of a good quality and the pH should be between 5.5 and 7.5. The root network of a mango is very extensive so it needs a deep place inside the soil. Protect it well from bacteria, pests and plant diseases.

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