Joint Pain 

Rub A Bit Of Olive Oil And Sea Salt On The Painful Spots On Your Body And You Will Easily Get Rid Of The Pain!

Millions of people around the world suffer from some kind of ache or pain every day, and whenever they feel it, they reach for painkillers. This is a bad habit – Ibuprofen and similar pills might temporarily stop the pain, but they are never a long-term solution and are also dangerous for our health as well. The good news is that pain can be reduced naturally if you learn how to prepare some of them at home.

Do you know what osteochondritis is? This is a rare type of neck pain that affects a huge number of people around the world. It can be pretty painful, with most painkillers not even working against it. Osteochondritis can be relieved with a simple natural remedy, however, and we’re going to show you how to prepare it.

  • 20 tablespoons olive oil
  • 20 tablespoons sea salt

It’s very simple – you need to pour the olive oil in a jar, then add the salt and mix well. Close the jar tight and put it in a dark and cool spot for a couple of days. If you’re suffering from osteochondritis or your neck simply hurts from a minor injury, rub the mixture on the affected area and it’ll quickly go away. Massage your neck gently for 2-3 minutes with the mixture, increasing the duration day by day until you reach 20 minutes. No need to rinse with water in the end – just soak a cloth in some warm water and wipe the mixture off. To prevent irritation, we suggest adding a bit of baby powder as well.

The powerful olive oil-sea salt mixture works against headaches and back pain as well and has an overall positive effect on our health. It’s natural to feel a bit dizzy after the massage, so don’t worry. Continue using the remedy for 10 days and your will get rid of osteochondritis, back and your joint pain once and for all!

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