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Pineapple Juice 500% More Effective Than Cough Syrup

We all love pineapples, they’re delicious, mouthwatering fruits which are known for its many benefits and medicinal properties. If you start consuming pineapples regularly you’ll:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve your respiratory health
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Overcome the cold and a cough
  • Boost weight loss

The main ingredient in pineapples which is responsible for its health benefits is bromelain. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties and fights bacteria and inflammation. It’s even 500 times more efficient than cough syrup when used against the cough.

Rich in vitamin C

According to nutritionists, pineapple juice, just one glass of it, contains half of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. This vitamin is crucial for a number of bodily functions and allows your body to secret some enzymes that help control your energy levels and metabolism.

Rich in manganese

Pineapple juice is not only abundant in vitamin C and bromelain, it’s also a rich source of other minerals like manganese. This mineral improves your calcium absorption and helps your body convert all the fat and carbs you ingest into energy your body can use.

Bromelain is a potent anti-inflammatory agent

Bromelain is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which helps your body fight inflammation and helps you overcome conditions like arthritis. It’s especially effective against swelling and irritation in the nose after sinus surgery.

Pineapple juice against mucus

Pineapple juice is especially famous for its ability to ease irritating coughs and cleanse your throat and nose from mucus. A study from 2010 revealed that pineapple juice can help patients suffering from tuberculosis. The results of the study revealed that combining pineapple juice with pepper, salt and honey can break up the accumulated mucus in your lungs if taken on a daily level.

Fast results in cough relief

Studies have shown that pineapple juice extract provides immediate results in case of cough. It’s completely natural, cheap and has no unwanted side effects which means that it can be used by everyone.

Pineapple juice is much more effective than cough medicine

If you’re struggling with an annoying cough you should forget about cough syrup and other cough remedies and try pineapple juice. It’s always best if you can prepare your own pineapple juice instead of buying it from the store. Why? Because some store-bought juices contain added sugars which are bad for your overall health. If you can’t prepare it at home at least try to find a natural, unsweetened pineapple juice.

As we already mentioned it’s best if you can prepare homemade pineapple juice and we’re going to show you how to prepare it.

Homemade pineapple juice recipe

  • 1 cup fresh pineapple juice
  • 3 inches ginger piece
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • ½ tsp. cayenne pepper
  • organic honey
Method of preparation:

All you need to do is toss all the ingredients in a blender, pulse until smooth and drink a glass of this remedy every day.

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