What Does a Month of Alcohol Abstinence Does to Our Body?

Alcohol – Is It Any Good for Us?

We’ve all been taught that a glass of wine or two per day isn’t harmful at all. However, not all doctors agreed with that claim. Science has been investigating the effects of alcohol on our health for a long time. Recent studies say that even a glass or two of alcohol per day isn’t as harmless as we thought – as a matter of fact, it might be responsible for 5% of all cancer cases.

Even though the percentage is pretty low, alcohol can cause a lot of damage to the body. Associated with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health problems, it’s best to cut it away from your diet in full. Plus, alcohol is highly addictive. No matter if you’re an occasional drinker at social events or find it a good way to unwind in stressful times, it can get pretty addictive over time. The moment you realize you have a drinking problem, it may be too late.

A recent study tried to discover what happens to the human body after 28 days of alcohol abstinence, and the results were pretty surprising.

Week 1

  • During the first week, your appetite will increase since you’re essentially cutting calories off. The body will want to replace those calories, which is why you might feel hungry all the time.
  • Anxiety may also set in. Drinking, as we all know, helps people cope with different problems. Without anything to numb their feelings, emotions will start emerging in a much more intense way.
  • Expect your sleep to suffer as well in the beginning. It will improve day by day, though.
  • Additionally, you will probably experience headaches due to blood sugar and pressure changes. In order to prevent them, drink more water and eat a healthy diet.

Week 2

  • During the second week, your liver will start repairing itself. The liver is a regenerating organ that can be destroyed by alcohol. If it’s not too far gone, it will recover and start working normally.
  • Your skin will clear up as well. Alcohol dries the skin and makes it look lifeless. This occurs due to impaired blood circulation – once blood starts flowing normally again, your skin will look so much better.

Week 3

  • You will finally start sleeping much better. No more splitting headaches in the morning and no more restless sleep. This alone is one of the best reasons to stop drinking.
  • As your blood sugar levels go back to balanced, the swelling in your body will also go down.
  • After 3 weeks of no alcohol, you’ll probably taste food better as well. Alcohol has been known to mess with the function of our taste buds – without it, they will work much better.

Week 4

  • After almost a month, you will most likely lose some weight as you’re not consuming that many calories. Make no mistake – alcohol is full of calories, even if it doesn’t look that way.
  • Finally, your head will be much clearer and your thoughts sharper. Without alcohol to numb your senses, your thoughts will be more rational.

Here’s a pic that summarizes what a month of no alcohol does:

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com

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