High Blood Pressure 

Loquat Leaves – A Great Natural Remedy Against High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar And Kidney Problems

Instead of going to the pharmacy and getting pills, it’s better to treat your ailments naturally. There are many natural remedies for a variety of ailments which can relieve your problem and improve your overall health as well. Take loquat (medlar) leaves for example – they’ve been a part of folk medicine for a long time thanks to their ability to reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood, boost the production of insulin, regulate your blood sugar levels and your blood pressure as well.

The wondrous loquat leaves

As we already said, the loquat leaves have been used against a variety of ailments in the past. They were mainly used to control diabetes, but some cultures also used them against high blood pressure and kidney and liver problems. They can significantly reduce inflammation and boost your immune system, which will help your body against various diseases and conditions.

The best way to benefit from the leaves is to prepare a tea from them. The process is simple – just crush a handful of loquat leaves (or grind them), then add a tablespoon of the powder to a pot of boiling water. Drink a cup of this powerful tea before your meals, and you will feel much better soon. Never add any kind of sweetener in the tea as it can interfere with its effects.

Here’s how the loquat leaves tea improves your overall health:

Heals your mucous membranes

The leaves are a mucolytic agent that is often used in foot detox pads. They can accelerate the detox process in the body and bind to toxic compounds, making them easier for elimination.

Boosts the production of antioxidants

Drinking loquat leaves tea every day will boost the production and release of antioxidants in the body, which can fight free radicals and neutralize toxins. In this way, the tea will support your immune system and help the body fight various ailments.

Regulates your blood sugar levels

The loquat leaves are rich in compounds known as terpenes, especially the powerful tormentic acid. This acid can raise the production of insulin in the body and naturally bring down the blood sugar levels, effectively fighting diabetes. The remedy is so powerful that the Chinese government has officially approved loquat leaves as a natural remedy against the disease.

Heals your pancreas

If you’re suffering from some kind of pancreatic problems and nothing helps, the loquat leaves tea can help. Studies have shown that the leaves can help the pancreas heal, which will result in regular insulin production and lower risk of diabetes.

Reduces high blood pressure

Thanks to the high amount of potassium, the loquat leaves can reduce your high blood pressure. Potassium is a powerful mineral which helps our muscles and heart constrict and relax, and also keeps the electrolyte levels in balance. By reducing your blood pressure, the tea from the leaves will also lower the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases.

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