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This Incredible Shake Will Clean Your Colon And Help You Lose Weight In Record Time!

The weight loss craze going on in recent years has made people do some crazy and unhealthy choices that are leading to serious health problems. Diets are one of the most active topics online, with everyone trying to find a way of losing weight in a healthy manner. However, although some diets do work, there are many who are highly harmful to our health and don’t provide any results.

Weight loss is not achievable only through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Sometimes, there are other factors involved in weight gain which need to be resolved before you start losing weight. One of them is a blocked and intoxicated colon. The colon processes an incredible amount of food and drinks every day, which leave a lot of residue behind. If not cleaned on time, this residue can accumulate non-stop, resulting in colon toxicity which can cause numerous health problems including weight gain. An intoxicated colon will negatively affect your overall health, which is why you need to eliminate the toxic buildup in order to be able to lose weight and protect your overall health.

Enemas can clean your colon, but only the first 15 cm. In order to deep clean your colon and prevent further problems, you need to remove of all the toxic waste in it, and it can be done naturally. Today we’re going to present a simple papaya shake that can clean your intestines of waste and eliminate toxins in your body, effectively improving your digestion and metabolism and helping you lose weight.
This powerful natural laxative won’t damage the intestinal flora like commercial products and treatments, which will keep your digestive system working properly. Besides papaya, the shake contains oatmeal, cinnamon and vegetable milk, ingredients rich in essential nutrients that will improve your metabolism, help you lose weight and boost your overall health as well. The best time to consume this shake is instead of breakfast – this will help you start the day full of energy and ready for the challenges ahead.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • 200 ml. vegetable milk
  • 150 gr. chopped papaya
  • 100 gr. oat flakes
  • 1 tablespoon powdered cinnamon
  • Ice cubes

Take a medium-sized papaya, peel it and chop it on cubes, then put everything in a blender and mix well. Pour the mixture into a glass and add a few ice cubes for a more refreshing drink. For best results, we suggest drinking 2 glasses of the shake per day – one in the morning for breakfast and the second as a mid-morning snack. This will clean waste from your intestines and boost your digestion and metabolism, effectively boosting the weight loss process in your body. Do the same for a week, then take a week break, and you should start noticing the results. In order to clean your intestines fully and keep them clean afterwards, you should repeat the process every 2-3 months. It doesn’t have any adverse side-effects and will give your health a significant boost.

Article and image source: https://naturalcarebox.com

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