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Honey Found to Reduce Arterial Plaque by an Astonishing 30%!

Although we all know how healthy honey is, the recent news that the sweet nectar can naturally prevent heart disease came as a shock. According to a new research, honey can reduce the amount of arterial plaque by up to 30% thanks to the presence of a natural sugar known as trehalose. The same sugar can be found in lobsters, shrimp and some types of mushrooms, so if you’re not so fond of honey, you can still reduce the plaque in your arteries with other foods. The only problem is that you need to inject trehalose directly in your blood, which is still better than popping unhealthy pills.

The research was conducted at Washington University and discovered that trehalose activates a protein in the human body which instructs our immune cells to remove plaque from the arterial walls. The accumulation of plaque in the arteries can lead to the development of atherosclerosis, an often-fatal cardiovascular condition. Furthermore, the plaque is also directly linked to high blood pressure, angina, peripheral artery disease and heart disease which can destroy your cardiovascular system. The blockage in the arteries can raise the risk of blood clots as well as heart attack and stroke, which is why you always need to keep your arteries clean. This is why the finding of the research has numerous experts around the world so excited.

According to Dr. Razak Babani, the lead researcher on the project, during atherosclerosis, macrophages are trying to fix arterial damage and they would succeed if not for the inflammatory plaque. When exposed to trehalose, it boosts the function of the macrophages, essentially allowing them to stop the accumulation of plaque.

The study tested the effects of honey on mice with atherosclerosis. The mice were divided into 3 groups – one received trehalose, while the second group was given sugar orally. The last group was injected with another type of sugar. As the scientists hoped, the trehalose group had the best results. These mice had significantly lower plaque accumulation than the other groups, and while the differences may have been tiny (0.10 mm to 0.25 mm in the second and 0.35 mm in the last group), it’s actually a difference of 30%, which is incredible. This shows that honey can indeed clear up the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, in that way preventing a variety of serious cardiovascular problems. That’s another good reason for you to eat honey every day, so make sure to include the nectar in your diet.

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