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Homemade Antioxidant Toner to Get Rid of Wrinkles, Sunburns, Scars and Firm The Facial Skin

Everyone likes having a healthy skin, especially women. Nobody wants to have blemishes, dark spots or oily skin. There are many serums and creams that can be bought so that these skin problems can be treated, but some of them can be very expensive and they don’t seem to help.

Why wouldn’t you prepare a homemade skincare product that will be natural and inexpensive? Here, we’re presenting you the recipe of an amazing antioxidant toner!

Benefits of The Antioxidant Toner

This kind of a toner is amazing for your skin. It’s full of antioxidants that will destroy free radicals and protect your organs.

Here are some of the best benefits antioxidants have to offer to you:

Anti-inflammatory – In case you often have blemishes or puffiness, antioxidants will calm down your skin. One of them is alpha acid which improves the oxygen and blood circulation, decreases inflammation and evens your skin tone, so wrinkles will remain in the past.

The skin is toned and firm – With age, our skin remains without elasticity. It becomes full of wrinkles and looks droopy. Antioxidants can wipe away several years because they tighten your skin. The results of this antioxidant toner will appear very soon.

Treatment of scars – The antioxidant toner is amazing against scars. The blood flow in the scar tissues will be improved, so the new skin that will be formed will make the scars less noticeable.

Decrease sun damage – The sun emits powerful UV rays which destroy the cells of your skin and they become blotchy, leathery, discolored, so your wrinkles and fine lines become more visible. Antioxidants prevent the damage from the UV rays, so your skin has a restored youthful look.

DIY Antioxidant Toner

It is very simple to prepare this kind of a toner. You need these ingredients:

  • Organic green tea bags
  • Blue chamomile essential oil (optional)
  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Purified water

Put the tea bags into the purified water that you’ll boil. They should rest like that for 30 minutes. After that, put 1 teaspoon of ACV inside. You can also add the chamomile oil if you decided to use it.

After you’ve prepared the mixture, put it on your face using a cotton ball. The refreshment will be felt soon.

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