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Home Remedies for Hair Loss that Actually Work!

Every human loses up to 100 strands of hair every day on average and this is completely normal and happens to everyone. However if you start losing more than the average 100 strands and notice that there are visible bald patches here and there you’re probably facing a condition we call alopecia.

Hair loss is becoming a growing problem these days, even in the younger population and the causes are usually imbalanced diet, excess stress or hormonal imbalances. Hair loss or alopecia can be quite a terrifying issue, even though it’s not a life-threatening condition, no one likes to see their scalp going bald and we try to do our best to improve the condition and prevent complete hair loss.

Luckily for you, in this article we’re going to show you a few natural remedies that can help you prevent hair loss and stimulate its growth and you get to choose which one suits your needs best and start using it regularly and restore your luscious hair.


Eggs abound in sulfur and a number of other minerals like zinc, selenium, iodine, iron and phosphorus. They’re also abundant in proteins and are essential in the hair growth process, encouraging its growth, especially when combined with olive oil.

Combine 1 egg white with a tsp. of olive oil and whisk it into a paste. Apply the resulting mixture on your scalp and leave it on for some 20 minutes. Finally, rinse your hair with some cold water and repeat the process 1-2 a week.


Amla is probably the best remedy for hair loss and stimulates hair growth and regeneration. The fruit is rich in vitamin C which reinforces your follicles and strengthens your hair. Amla is not just beneficial for hair strength and regeneration, the high content of vitamin C makes it an excellent addition for your overall health as well.

If you prepare the amla remedy from fresh fruits, crush them to get their juice or you can also go to your local health store and purchase amla powder. Mix 2tbsp. of the amla juice or powder with 2tbsp. of lime juice and whisk the mixture. Apply it on your head, leave it on until it dries off and rinse with water.

Garlic and onions

Garlic and onions are rich in sulfur and this mineral increases the collagen production, which stimulates hair growth and regeneration. The remedies that involve garlic and onions may be smelly and strong but you should know they’ll do wonders for your hair.

Crush a few garlic cloves and combine them with some coconut oil. Heat up the mixture until it starts boiling and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Set it aside and let it cool down. Once it’s cooled apply the mixture on your scalp and massage it in gently. Wash with shampoo afterwards and use the remedy 2-3 times a week.

Onions can also be miraculous for your hair, all you need to do is juice them and apply the juice on your scalp. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse.

Coconut oil and milk

Coconut oil is an all-round beneficial ingredient for your beauty. It does wonders for your skin, nails and hair, but it also stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Coconut oil and coconut milk are abundant in minerals, proteins and healthy fats and if you use it regularly your hair will be stronger and resistant to breakage. These two ingredients affect your hair from the roots to the ends and will regenerate it and make it shiny and beautiful once again.

Extract the milk from the coconut and apply it on your bald patches. Leave it on during the night and rinse it off in the morning. Use it regularly and soon you’ll notice amazing results.


Henna is a product widely used in the Asian countries so it’s no wonder they all have luscious, thick and long hairs. It’s excellent for your hair, strengthens it and prevents breakage. It even has better results when combined with some mustard oil.

Combine 60gr of henna and 250ml of mustard oil. Heat up the mixture until it’s completely homogenous and set it aside to cool down. Once it’s completely cooled apply a bit of the mixture on your hair every 2-3 days. Place the rest of the mixture in a container and use it regularly.


Hibiscus is our last recommendation and it’s an excellent one. If your hair is damages and needs to be regenerated, hibiscus is the right remedy for you. It also prevents hair graying and dandruff, in addition to preventing hair loss. Many people in India use a combination of hibiscus and coconut oil for a thicker, stronger hair.

Combine two hibiscus flowers and some coconut oil and add the mixture in a blender. Pulse until combined and apply the mixture on your scalp. Leave it in for 3 hours and rinse it off afterwards.

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