Here’s How To Use Cilantro And Purify Tap Water

The tap water we drink nowadays is full of unhealthy chemicals and toxins (and even some carcinogens!) which are slowly but surely destroying our health. Fluoride, chlorine, sodium, sulfates, iron, pesticides and herbicides as well as insectides can all be found in tap water and their high amounts have been related to a variety of health problems.

According to one recent study, our tap water also contains traces of antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers and similar drugs and heavy metals. Over time, the small amounts can accumulate in our body, resulting in different health problems. The heavy metals poisoning can lead to heart disease, paralysis, kidney problems, epilepsy, behavioral problems, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, so they shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, we should all raise our voice against the adding of these harmful compounds in tap water which are destroying our health.

How can we protect ourselves?

In order to prevent all the diseases related to the impurities in tap water, only a high-quality filter can help. There are filters which can certainly remove impurities from our water supply, but they can be quite pricey. Luckily, there is a herb which can filter tap water just as good and its name is cilantro.

Cilantro is a common herb we use every day in our meals, but not many people know of its water-purifying properties. When added to water, cilantro can absorb heavy metals and toxins. It contains certain compounds that can bind with all the dangerous compounds in tap water and keep you safe from any ailment.

According to a recent study conducted at the Lafayette College in Indiana, cilantro does have the ability to clean tap water better than expensive filters and is considered a great way to purify water in third-world countries. The study examined the effect of several plants and herb, and cilantro proved to be the best. It was conducted in a highly contaminated water supply basin (Tule Valley, Mexico City) with high levels of lead and nickel present in the tap water. The bio-absorbents found in cilantro work just as well as activated charcoal which also has the ability to eliminate heavy metals and toxins.

This, according to the leader of the study Dr. Douglas Schauer, is what makes cilantro the perfect remedy for public water contamination. It is cheap and effective, making it a better choice than activated charcoal or water filters which don’t work all the time.

Article and image source: https://homeremediesgarden.com

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