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Don’t Throw Away Avocado Seeds – They Can Help You Lose Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol And Prevent Premature Aging!

One of the healthiest fruits that people really like to consume nowadays is the avocado. It’s packed in vitamins and nutrients, as well as phytonutrients. When we cut an avocado, the seed inside is usually thrown away. But, did you know that it is especially nutritious? The seed of an avocado is greater in antioxidants than the fruit!

It also contains an abundance of soluble fiber than any other food.

Another important component of the seed is a nourishing oil that can help us decrease the risk of stroke, heart problems as well as the bad cholesterol.

If you consume avocado seeds regularly, they will help you decrease the inflammation and the swelling of your gastrointestinal tract, so you’ll be able to alleviate diarrhea and constipation.

The seeds is also full of phenolic compounds which can help us in the treatment of gastric ulcers.

Health Benefits of Avocado Seeds:

Assist In The Inhibition of Cancer Cell Growth

There are almost 70% of the antioxidants only in the seeds. They contain flavonol that is very powerful and can especially help us decrease tumor growth. A special study  patients who were given avocado extract experienced self-destruction of the leukemia cells. managed to prove that the About 70 percent of the antioxidants in avocados are present in the seeds.

The avocado seed extract contains avocatin B. This is a compound which is especially effective in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia cells.

Improve Your Heart Health

The seeds are full of dietary fiber, monounsaturated fats and amino acids that can help us against cholesterol, stroke and heart attacks.

Even Dr. Tom Wu, who is claimed to be a “World Famous Doctor” recommends the seeds to his patients so that they could improve their heart health.

Treat Digestive Problems

Avocado seeds have been especially used in South America against different gastrointestinal problems like: constipation, diarrhea and gastric ulcers. The seed contains a great amount of soluble fiber.

Boost The Immune System

Avocado seeds contain procyanidins and catechins which contain very strong anti-inflammatory properties that can decrease the swelling, inflammation and joint pain. Many inflammatory diseases can be treated with them.

The flavonols that avocado contains can help us against the flu, different colds and improve our whole immune system.

Prevent Weight Gain and Premature Aging

The antioxidants that the seeds contain can help us against the free radicals which cause diseases and premature aging. Avocado seeds can decrease the process of aging process because they have the ability to synthesize collagen.

They can also help us decrease the levels of blood glucose, so we’ll prevent weight gain. The seeds also contain beneficial fats which will keep us satiated for a longer period of time.

Take a look at our video that will tell you how to gain the best health benefits from an avocado seed:

This Is A Way That Can Help You Eat An Avocado Seed:

Cut an avocado in half and remove the seed. Wash it well. Use a paper towel to pat it dry. Put it in a dehydrator or the oven so that you can bake it. Your oven should be preheated to 120 ̊C or 250 ̊F. Put the seed inside and bake it for 2 hours. The outer skin of the seed should crack. You can then remove it.

Chop the seed in small pieces using a knife. Blend them in a blender to obtain a fine powder.

This Is A Way To Help You Include The Avocado Seed Powder In Your Everyday Diet:

Sprinkle it in soups, salads, juices, oatmeal, smoothies etc. You can also prepare a cup of tea by adding ½ a teaspoon of the powder into a hot cup of water. Let it steep for 10 minutes and then you can enjoy the taste and its amazing health benefits!

Article and image source: http://dailyhealthkeeper.com

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