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Get Rid Of Gray Hair And Prevent Hair Loss With Coconut Oil

One excellent product that can improve our beauty as well as our complete health is coconut oil. People have been using it for numerous years and it can present amazing results. One of the best things it can help us with is to fight hair-loss and eliminate gray hair.

Today, we’re going to present you how to dye your gray hair using some coconut oil! Your hair won’t be at a health risk as coconut oil will moisturize it as well as your skin.

Coconut oil is abundant in healthy fats that nourish our skin as well as our hair, but it can also help us fight various infections. Hair pigmentation can also be encouraged, so our gray hair will disappear gradually. Here’s what you have to do:

Take 3 teaspoons of coconut oil with 2 teaspoons of sage oil. Heat this mixture on low until it becomes homogenous. After that, leave it to cool down. Put it on your hair before you go to sleep. Cover your head with a shower cap. Let it stay like that overnight. In the morning, rinse away your hair using plenty of water and  shampoo.

Even after the first application, you’ll see great changes. This treatment should be repeated every week. Another thing you can do is put several drops of coconut oil on your hair. Let it act for 10 or 15 minutes. Your hair should be glowing and smooth. In case you feel it too oily, put the coconut oil on your tips. You can also use it to eliminate dandruff. Put a little bit of coconut oil on your scalp and hair and massage gently. Leave it to act for half an hour. Then, eliminate it with cold water. In case you’re having dandruff this treatment can be repeated anytime you wash your hair. You’ll be amazed with the results!

Article and image source: http://organicfoodmedicine.com

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