The Truth About Essential Oils Your Oncologist Won’t Tell You

Essential oils are super powerful and have a plethora of medicinal properties. They can be used in the treatment of a number of diseases, cancer included. But you won’t hear this from your doctor or oncologist as they don’t want you to know their power. You can read all about the power of essential oils in the article “Essential Oils and Their Constituents as Anticancer Agents: A Mechanistic View” published by the United Stated National Library of Medicine.

Cancer – The Modern Day Plague

It’s no doubt that cancer is the biggest health concern of our time. More and more people are getting sick from cancer and the situation is not going to improve any time soon it seems. More and more people are dying from cancer every year and scientists still don’t have the answer. Thousands of studies are being conducted and they all seem to fall short of a cure. And the worst thing is that cancer is starting to affect younger people as well, not just older. Healthy individuals, even little babies fall victim to this modern day plague. That’s why it’s crucial to put a stop to this madness and try and find a way to get ahead of this awful disease. The latest study reveals that high quality essential oils may hold the answer to preventing the onset of cancer and saving millions of lives.

How Essential Oils Can Help Prevent Cancer

After discovering that essential oils have a certain effect on cancer, experts decided to get to the truth and find the compound that gives them power.

Andrea S. Blevins Primeau, Ph.D., MBA, points out that they are in fact concentrated hydrophobic factions from aromatic plants rich in chemical compounds with biologic activity. The cosmetic industry widely uses these oils in perfumes for their scent. They’re also used in aromatherapy thanks to their relaxing and comforting effect.

But the true power of essential oils is in the fact that they can change your resonating frequency. Why is this important? Well, because according to experts diseases occur when your body starts resonating at 58MHz. Positive thoughts are believed to increase this frequency by 10, while negative thoughts may lower it by 12.

Moreover, there are a number of scientists who back up this theory. R.O.Becker, the author of “The Body Electric” explains this matter further. He says that your body’s frequency can determine the state of your health. Even the genius Nikola Tesla stipulated that removing outside frequencies can help you prevent a number of diseases. Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that a number of factors can lower your cells’ electrical voltage and thus lead to the onset of numerous diseases, including cancer.

All of these findings go in line with the theory that high frequency essential oils can help your body fight low frequency diseases.

Essential Oils and Their Resonating Frequencies

Below you will find a list of essential oils and their electrical frequencies. Bear in mind that for medicinal purposes you should always use therapeutic grade oils.

  • Peppermint – 78 MHz
  • Sandalwood – 96 MHz
  • Angelica – 85 MHz
  • Lavender – 118 MHz
  • Juniper – 98 MHz
  • Frankincense – 147 MHz
  • Rose – 320 MHz.
  • Helichrysum – 181 MHz

Chamomile, cinnamon and thyme essential oils are most beneficial against breast cancer. Chamomile oil destroys about 93% of cancer cells while thyme 97%.

Here are some testimonials for the beneficial effect of essential oils on cancer:

  • Frankincense oil prevents cancer cells reproduction by splitting the nucleus from the cytoplasm.
  • Some people tried applying sandalwood and frankincense essential oil on the bladder area, topically, for a few months to eliminate cancer cells.
  • A 5 year old girl who was suffering from cancer tried the essential oil treatment. Her parents applied frankincense and sandalwood on her feet and lavender on the wrists. The cancer was gone in a few months.
  • A woman suffering from cervical cancer cured herself with the help of frankincense oil. She was given just a few months to live by her doctors.
  • Frankincense oil can help reduce the size of tumors in patients with late stage cancers. They applied it topically on the liver area as well as orally, a drop under their tongue. They recovered enough to undergo surgery and fight their cancer.
  • A terminally ill woman suffering from breast cancer defeated her cancer with the help of frankincense and lemongrass oil. She applied it under the tongue as well.


Source: www.homeremediesnaturalcures.com

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