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Drink This Simple Smoothie To Lose A Ton Of Weight In No Time!

We all love smoothies, right? They are a great way to add some vitamins and minerals in our diet and offer quite a few health benefits as well. In fact, drinking smoothies more often is sure to improve your overall health, especially if you pick the right ingredients. The perfect combination can clean your arteries of cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure, alkalize your body and detoxify your system of toxins and chemicals.

Today we’re going to present to you a smoothie that can help you lose weight better than anything else. The recipe consists of oats, apples and a lemon, ingredients rich in the pectin fiber which can significantly boost your digestion and metabolism. Drinking this smoothie every morning will provide your body with essential nutrients and give you all the energy you need during the day while also helping the body burn fat more efficiently.

The green apples in the recipe are full of fiber and vitamins from the B group which help the body metabolize carbs. On the other hand, green apples are also low on sodium which means they can prevent fluid retention and bloating. They are low on calories just like the other ingredients which makes them a perfect choice of food if you’re trying to lose weight.

Here’s how to prepare the smoothie:

  • 1 lemon
  • 2 green apples
  • 125 gr. oats
  • 500 ml. mineral water

Chop the apples and lemon, then put everything in a smoothie maker and mix until liquefied. Pour the smoothie in a tall glass and consume it right away. Do the same every morning and you will soon notice your weight going away. For even better results, take another glass of the smoothie right before going to bed in order to accelerate your metabolism to burn fat even overnight!

Article and image source: https://alternativehealthuniverse.com

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