Drink A Cup Of Almond Milk And Honey Before Going To Bed To Sleep Better And Improve Your Digestion!

Many people like to have a cup of warm milk or almond milk before going to bed. It helps them relax and fall asleep faster and there’s nothing wrong with it if you ask us. However, the benefits of the drink will be much greater if you only add a teaspoon of organic honey in the cup.

The mixture of almond milk and honey is beneficial for our digestion and brain function and can also help in cases of insomnia. Here’s how it improves you overall health:

Helps you sleep better

As we already said, a cup of warm almond milk with a bit of honey can help you fall asleep by the production of orexin in the brain. Orexin is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps us stay awake, so by interfering with its production, the tiny amount of glucose from the honey can actually make you sleep better.

Boosts your energy and helps you focus

The drink doesn’t only help before bedtime – in fact, drinking a cup of warm almond milk with a bit of honey in the morning will boost your energy levels and improve your concentration as well. The same can be achieved with a cup of dairy milk as well, but we suggest using almond milk as it has extra nutrients which our body needs early in the day.

Slows down the aging process

Want to get rid of wrinkles and all signs of aging on your skin? You only need to drink a cup of almond milk with some honey. The drink will nourish your skin and iron wrinkles out, effectively slowing down the aging process.

A powerful antibacterial agent

According to studies, the mixture of honey and almond milk can fight dangerous bacteria including Staphylococcus!

Improves your digestion

Drink a cup of almond milk and honey before going to bed to accelerate your digestion and metabolism and relieve numerous digestive problems.

Treats respiratory diseases

Consuming the mixture before going to bed has helped many people soothe their coughs and asthma attacks. The drink is completely natural and has no adverse side-effects, so it’s a far better option than common medications for respiratory problems.

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