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These Chinese Herbs Can Help You Sleep Better, Lower High Blood Pressure And Improve Your Overall Health!

Of all the herbs in the world, it seems that the Chinese herbs have the most beneficial effect on the human body. They have been linked with numerous health benefits – according to studies, some of these herbs can lower high blood pressure, while others can boost our immune system and libido.

Most of these herbs have been kept from the public in secret by Chinese herbalists, who used them as medicine for seemingly incurable ailments. However, the truth has finally come out to the surface, and science has finally been able to identify the 6 most powerful Chinese herbs. Here’s the list:


The so-called Korean Ginseng can relieve fatigue and stimulate the function of the cortex, while boosting your energy levels and regulating the body’s liquids. Ginseng can also boost our libido and detoxify the body and has a pleasant sweet-sour taste.

Reishi mushrooms

The Reishi (Lingzhi) mushrooms have been part of Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. They have a rich nutritional profile and can boost our immune system by improving our white blood cell count. These mushrooms have powerful antioxidant properties and have also been proven as powerful remedies against female problems, insomnia and anxiety as well.

Lotus seed

The lotus seed is one of the most powerful Chinese herbs. It’s great for our spleen, kidneys and digestive system and has mostly been used to clean these organs and prevent problems such as diarrhea.

Licorice root

Licorice root is a potent detoxifier that can be used as an analgesic as well. It has a mild and sweet taste, which is why it’s used as a natural sweetener throughout Asia.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest herbs in Chinese traditional medicine, and one of the most powerful as well. It can treat allergic inflammation, asthma, coughs and other respiratory problems, and is one of the most potent natural supplements.

Gui Zhi

This type of cinnamon is widely used against menstrual disorders, stomach cramps and prevention of colds and the flu. Gui Zhi has also been used against chest pain, muscle stiffness, arthritis and circulatory problems.

Although these herbs are certainly powerful, we suggest only using them as a complementary medical approach. Consult your doctor on any health problem you might be experiencing, and make sure to follow their orders.

Article and image source: https://healthandlovepage.com

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