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Every Woman Should Know These 7 Ways to Use Lemon!

One of the most beneficial fruits is definitely lemon. It is especially efficient for our skin. We can use lemon juice to treat numerous skin problems. Lemon is included in many different creams, masks, scrubs and lotions on the market, but we can also prepare some homemade ones because they’re more beneficial. Lemon can help us improve our hair, teeth and nails. It’s nourishing for our skin Apply a small amount of lemon juice on a piece of cotton. Put it on the face before sleeping. In the morning, your…

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Chapped Lips 

These Natural Remedies Will Help You Treat Chapped Lips

Chapped lips, also known as cheilitis, is inflammation of the lips which usually occurs during winter. It is caused by the harsh weather conditions outside and the wind blowing on the lips directly. This dries them out, and causes fissures and cracks to appear on the lips. The cracks may even bleed if left untreated, which can raise the risk of infections. Chapped lips may be acute or chronic, and can also be caused by allergies. In general, experts recommend preventative treatment, but if the cracks have already occurred, we…

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