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Carrot Syrup To Eliminate Flu, Phlegm, Cough, Throat Discomfort and Colds

In this article, we’re going to discuss about a syrup made with carrots as the main ingredient. This amazing vegetable is present in every home and people mostly use it in the kitchen. But, did you know that it’s abundant in amazing nutritional qualities?

This vegetable is amazing for our vision, our skin, but also against numerous respiratory infections like the flu, common colds, coughs etc. It is abundant in vitamins from the B complex groups and vitamin C. They are all very important for a strong immune system.

Carrot syrup to fight the flu, cough and cold

The amazing syrup we’re about to present you will also help you improve the intestinal constipation, fight any cold, decrease tension and soothe pain. It’s a great natural anti-inflammatory product!

Properties of carrot syrup

This is a syrup with amazing medicinal properties which mostly belong to the carrot. The other ingredients are also very important: lemon and honey. You’ll manage to eliminate various respiratory problems like: colds, the flu, coughs, phlegm, flu, catarrh, discomfort in the throat and cold.

The ingredients supply the syrup with amazing and beneficial nutrients like: vitamins B, C and A, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and sodium. They are amazing in stopping the action that the free radicals have. The syrup also offers an amazing quantity of antioxidants that can assist in the fight of numerous illnesses and diseases, among which cancer, too.

The preparation is very simple and the ingredients are really cheap. You’ll manage to fight various health problems with a 100% natural product!


  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 medium lemon
  • Half a cup of honey
  • A glass container with a lid


Chop the carrot into slices and put them in the jar. Add the honey along with the lemon. The remedy should rest for 24 hours before you decide to consume it.

Use 1 tablespoon of the syrup 2 times a day/ You can also prepare some tea with it. Take a cup of warm water and dilute 1 tablespoon of the syrup in it.

The remedy will help you against the flu and different colds, but you’ll also be able to obtain these benefits:

  • It fights kidney stones.
  • It improves intestinal function and helps you against constipation.
  • It improves your eyesight and helps you avoid twilight blindness.
  • It is a perfect natural energizer.
  • It helps you have a natural enamel on your teeth and you’ll also prevent cavities
  • It helps against reflux, acidity and gastritis.
  • It improves your nails, hair and skin.
  • It will help you against joint, bone and muscle problems and treat the pain since it’s full of anti-inflammatory properties.

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