Brussels is the First Big City to Pushback 5G Plans Out of Fear for Health Risks

Positive news arrives from the Belgian capital as the government just announced it will pushback 5G plans out of concerns for health risks.

Belgian minister for Housing Environment, Quality of Life and Energy, Celine Fremault, made this information public during an interview for the Belgian journal L’Echo last Friday.

Ms.Fremault expressed concerns about the safety of 5G and stressed out that their job, as a government, is to protect their citizens and ensure their safety and well-being. Brussels cannot accept their citizens to become guinea pigs and risk their health just for profit.

She went on to accurately define that the pilot project for 5G is not in line with the country’s radiation safety regulations so she will not be the one to make an exception for 5G.

Maybe the action from Brussels will motivate the EU officials to inform themselves better regarding the risks from 5G and do something to protect their citizens as well. We only hope that more will stand up in support of Ms.Fremault and all the others who know that the people and their health should always be put first.

The 5G Story in Short 

There’s no doubt that a world with 5G will become a world ruled by surveillance and monitoring without control. A network that supports 5G will give corporations unlimited access to everything. If you thought you were being monitored until now, wait to see what happens when 5G becomes the standard. And this fact alone should be sufficient to place this plan to rest and delete it from the agenda entirely.

But the bigger question here is how harmful is 5G to all the living organisms on planet Earth, including us, people? There is overwhelming evidence that it poses a major health risk.

But if the wireless industry people are asked about the matter, they’ll try and convince you otherwise. Despite the fact that they themselves admitted, at a Senate hearing, that no safety studies have been conducted nor will be conducted in the future.

A number of respected scientists are trying to raise the awareness and are doing everything in their power to halt the adoption of 5G. Dr. Martin Pull, a professor, says that 5G is most definitely the most idiotic idea ever. But unfortunately, the technocratic corporations are doing everything they can to drown the voices of reason and push forward their agenda, all for profit.

Fortunately, the 5G pushback is becoming viral and many people are finally starting to see the real truth behind the corporate camouflage. It seems that the agenda-pushers of this world have no appreciation for their life and the life of their children, because if 5G becomes a reality, there’s no money in the world that could revert the effects on human health. Despite the mounting scientific evidence and the awakening of people across the world, the money-obsessed corporations refuse to see the truth, or maybe they do, but they’re more interested in the profit than protecting our health.

It’s true that the world is spearheaded by technology, we’re driven to make advancements and to develop new ideas that will revolutionize our way of life. But all of this mustn’t be done at the cost of our health.

The move from Brussels has inspired other governments to act as well so now we see other countries reconsidering their decisions as well. We need to stay positive and hope that the voice of reason will prevail, that the truth will come out and that there will be no one to stop the pushback from going global, not just in Brussels.




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