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A Recent Study Proves That Tequila Contains Sugar Which Can Help You Cut Down Weight!

Summer is approaching and everyone is trying to get ready for it. Staying fit or losing several pounds are only some of the things we all try to do.

It’s important to exercise often, drink a lot of water and eat healthy food. But, it is also very important to stop consuming all of the unhealthy food we might be eating regularly, like sugar and fat.

Many people have problems when they want to stop consuming sugar. Studies claim that it causes an addiction because it has the same effect as cocaine does. It can be found in almost every product we buy.

Luckily, we can find many alternatives to natural kinds of sugar which don’t cause the well-known sugar-crash and are natural.

A new discovery managed to prove that there is a natural sweetener which can help you lose several pounds and it’s sweet! The interesting thing is that tequila is made of it!

There are people who try to be careful about the food they eat, so they buy products which don’t contain sugar. In fact, these are products that are full of artificial sweeteners that cause various side-effects. Headaches are only one of them. The study we’ve already mentioned was performed on mice who were given agavins (natural sweeteners).

This kind of natural sweetener is obtained from the agave plant. Agave nectar is also obtained from it.

The nectar isn’t that healthy as the agavins because it is known to increase the blood sugar and is full of calories.

Your Blood Glucose Levels Won’t Go Up By Consuming Agavins

The mice from the study were given water with added agavins in it. They had decreased levels of glucose and managed to lose weight. The mice who were given water with fructose, glucose, aspartame or agave syrup had the completely opposite effect.

These agavins have the action of dietary fiber and aren’t digested. Blood glucose wouldn’t be raised because of them.

They are considered to be among the best natural sweeteners except they aren’t very sweet.

As we have mentioned it previously, tequila is made of them and they aren’t even close to agave syrup or agave nectar.

When tequila is made, they become converted to ethanol.

Diabetes Type 2 Can Be Treated with Agavins

According to the study on mice, the ones who were treated with agavins didn’t eat as much as the other mice. Agavins are pretty cheap and don’t cause side-effects. Still, there are people who might not tolerate their intake.

They are known to be able to improve diabetes type 2.

When we consume them, they produce glucagon-like peptide-1 or GLP-1. It is a hormone that makes our stomach empty more slowly, so we end up with increased production of insulin.


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