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A Brilliant Way to Use Tea Bags Against Sunburns, Sore Gums and Puffy Eyes

It’s always a good idea to drink a warm cup of tea, be it in the morning, afternoon or in the evening before bed, it will relax you and make you feel pleasant inside. Teas can be enjoyed at home, out in town or in the office, thanks to the existence of tea bags. But what do you do with the bags after you’ve brewed your tea? Do you throw them in the garbage? If the answer is yes, we’re here to tell you not to do it anymore, as tea bags can be extremely useful for your health and beauty.

12 Brilliant Ways You Can Use Tea Bags

Treat sunburns

Tea bags can help you treat sunburns and relieve the itchiness and prevent your skin from peeling, especially black tea. It contains a certain acid which eliminates the excess heat from the surface of your skin and provides a soothing effect.

No more tired, puffy eyes

We’ve all had to face with the occasional tired look on our face, puffy eyes and undereye bags after a long night and we know that we look like a zombie but what can we do? Well, you could use a few used tea bags to get your face looking fresh again. How? Store your used bags in the fridge so that they’re cool and once you feel you need their powers just grab them and place them over the eyes. Leave them on for 15 minutes and your eyes should be revitalized and fresh.

Treat minor burns

Tea contains tannins which can relieve the inflammation caused by high temperatures, like burns. It can also prevent your skin from peeling as well. Just make sure they’re damp and cold, place them on the burn and leave them on for a bit.

Ant-dandruff effect

We all know dandruff can be a real pain to get rid off and those anti-dandruff shampoos can be real expensive and strong too. But did you know that tea bags can help you get rid of dandruff just as easily? Just rinse your hair with a concentrated solution of water and used tea bags and massage it in the scalp gently. Use it a few times a week until the dandruff is eliminated.

Remove Warts

The best tea for wart-removal is green tea. Place a used green tea bag on the wart and secure it in place with a bandage. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and take it out before placing a new one. Green tea contains antioxidants which will stop the wart from growing.

Fresh smelling shoes

Smelly shoes can happen to the best of us, if you want to prevent an embarrassing situation in the future we recommend you toss a few used tea bags in your shoes. It will neutralize the bad odor and make your shoes smell as good as new.

Garden manure

If you have a green thumb, then tea bags can help you have an amazing looking garden. They reduce the soil’s pH value and this will protect your plants from fungus buildup in their roots. Place a few used tea bags in the soil when planting or sowing and enjoy your amazing garden.

Clean the greasy dishes easier

Greasy, baked dishes? We know how hard these stains can get out, you need to scrub and scrub and scrub it away until the stain finally caves in under your sponge. Instead of scrubbing endlessly, soak your dishes with a few used tea bags overnight and try to wash them in the morning. The stains will simply slide off them easily.

Eliminate watermarks on mirrors

You can even use tea bags to clean your mirror from those stubborn watermarks. Soak a few tea bags in water and soak your cloth in it. Wipe your mirror with this solution, paying special attention to the watermarks. Your mirror will be as good as new.

Deodorize your hands

Onion and garlic do give an amazing flavor to every dish, but they also make your hands smelly and are impossible to get rid of. That’s because you haven’t tried washing your hands with a tea bag. Scrub your hands with a used tea bag and some hand wash and the bad odor will soon be neutralized. Finally wash them with soap and water and you’ll be good to go.

Soothe sore gums

If your gums are sore place a few tea bags in your mouth and try not to laugh. As funny as it may look, it will help with the pain and discomfort significantly. They can also be used for mouth ulcers and inflammation and will provide immediate relief.

Neutralize Household Odors

You can use tea bags to neutralize the bad smell in your fridge and garbage bin. Place a few in the fridge and some at the bottom of the bin and this will prevent the smell from spreading in your kitchen.

Article and image source: https://healthandlovepage.com


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